Nominating Committee Candidates: 2021 Annual Meeting #3

This post continues a series begun last week with more more detailed information about various aspects of the 2021 Annual Meeting. See all posts in the series listed at the bottom of this page.

Candidates for the Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is responsible for nominating candidates for the UUFR Board of Directors and for the Nominating Committee itself (all to be elected by the congregation at its Annual Business Meeting), UUFR Foundation (approved by the UUFR Board), and Committees of the Board  (approved by the UUFR Board). The Nominating Committee is also responsible for congregational leadership development, in collaboration with the Wellspring team and other teams as appropriate. Candidates this year are Maggy Inman and Linda Watson.

About Maggy Inman

  I came to UUFR in 2013 on the recommendation of a friend who said that I would find a community of supportive and like-minded individuals helping to make the world a better place. That is what I found, and I share the beliefs and values of Unitarian Universalism.

As an active member of UUFR, I have served in many aspects of UUFR life such as the Connections Council, Welcome Team, Lay Worship Leaders Team, Core Care Team, and Nominating Committee. I organized activities such as Thanksgiving and Christmas potlucks, game nights and Pi Day potlucks. Volunteering in the UUFR office, I carried out projects such as working with the membership database, documenting processes, and training others on them. Since becoming a member in early 2014, I continue to familiarize herself with many aspects and people of UUFR and feel I can provide valuable input and recommendations to the Nominating Committee.

My interests outside of UUFR are varied and include spending time weaving, teaching weaving on a floor loom, sewing, glass fusing, volunteering and spending time with family and friends.

About Linda Watson:

Joel and I started attending UUFR in 1978 as an action of self-protection. We both grew up in Raleigh but had lived other places for about 10 years. When we decided to start our family, we were drawn to return home where our children could grow up spending time with their grandparents and other members of our extended family. But we were not interested in returning to the churches in which we grew up, and anticipated pressure to do so from both sets of our parents, who were perennial leaders in their respective Methodist churches. Thus, we immediately started visiting congregations that we thought might share beliefs closer to our own. Our short list included only Quakers and UUs, so it didn’t take us very long to find our way to UUFR and to realize that we had found our own faith community. I will refrain from recounting all my UUFR activities since 1978. However, I will note that I have been a choir member for a long time and am so grateful for our virtual choir activities during the pandemic — just one of the more recent of a multitude of growth experiences I have had since joining UUFR.

My career has been in academia, primarily as a faculty member in the Division of Speech and Hearing Sciences at UNC-CH. For my first decade there, I provided clinical supervision and mentoring to Master’s students in speech-language pathology, largely in providing services to toddler and preschool-age children with various communication delays and challenges. Then I made a shift to focusing on research related to young children with autism, which also provided me with a wealth of opportunities to serve as a research mentor to students. Currently, I am “semi-retired,” because I was not ready to end all my professional activities but was ready to have more time for other activities. Those other interests include sewing, traveling, being Joel’s exercise buddy in addition to his wife, spending time with family (including our two grandchildren), enjoying the company of our dog, Beau, and finding endless projects to do at our beach cottage at Nags Head.

About This Series

The information found in this series as also available in the 2021 Annual Report, available for download here.

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