About the Budget: Annual Meeting #5

One of the most important functions completed at the Annual Meeting each year is consideration of the budget proposal for the coming year. This year the budget story for our Fellowship is very positive. After our most successful Generosity Campaign ever, the budget is balanced and addresses several priorities. This budget was developed by Reverend James and the UUFR staff, then approved by the Finance Committee and your Board of Directors. Here are some of the highlights:


  • Staff salaries are in line with UUA recommendations.
  • Contributions toward staff benefits are in line with UUA recommendations.
  • Technical support positions, initiated when we started streaming Sunday services in 2020, will continue.
  • Funding is provided for child care workers once in-person activities resume.
  • An accompanist position has been added.


  • Lighting upgrades and new audiovisual equipment will be installed in both buildings (at least part of these upgrades will be funded through a grant from the UUFR Foundation.)

UUA Dues

In 2019 the Unitarian Universalist Association agreed to eliminate our dues for one year then gradually increase them over several years. Funding for UUA dues in this budget follows that agreement.

No Mortgage!

This year a generous (and anonymous) donor once again made a large donation to the One Heart Fund. As a result, UUFR was able to pay off its mortgage with Wells Fargo, as well as finish the renovation of Peace Hall and undertake renovations in Founders Hall (the downstairs of the main building).

Reserve Funds

Reserve funds are not part of the budget proposal, but are certainly related. As Treasurer Paul Groves will explain at the annual meeting, UUFR has been able to develop significant financial reserves. He and the Finance Committee are currently working on a proposal to more intentionally and systematically manage our reserve funds. Your Board of Directors will be considering this proposal soon.

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