UUFR honored three outstanding leaders of the congregation during the Annual Meeting on Sunday, June 6th with the presentation of the Michos-Irwin Award to Billy and Linda Liles for their outstanding service during the past year. A unique new award, the Legacy Leadership Award, also was presented to Margaret Ann (Marge) Link for her service to UUFR, the former Southeast District, and the UUA over the past 59 years!

Congratulations to these special members for the valuable service they have provided to Unitarian Universalism!

Linda and Billy Liles, Recipients of the Michos-Irwin Award

The Michos-Irwin Award recognizes a member — either an individual or a couple — who has shared their time and talent with UUFR to an extraordinary degree, on a continuing basis. Billy and Linda have been valued leaders in our weekly Wednesday Night Dinners for several years, have provided music for worship services. Linda has taken on the mantle of serving the wider community of homeless citizens through Love Wins ministry by coordinating monthly meals to Love Wins. During the pandemic, she has spearhead weekly supplies and food deliveries to Love Wins.

Margaret Ann (Marge) Link – Recipient of the UUFR Legacy Leadership Award

The Legacy Leadership Award, a new award, was given to Margaret Link for her 59 years of service to UUFR, which includes serving a board president, board secretary, and on UUFR committees too numerous to mention. She has served as president of the Southeast District (formerly, the Thomas Jefferson District, district meetings registrar, and director of our annual SUUSI (Southeast UU Summer Institute). She served on the UUA Commission on Appraisal for eight years (the initial group to study and publish about racial justice in the denomination), on the UUA’s Nominating Committee (an elected position) and as a delegate from UUFR to at least 45 annual UUA General Assemblies over the years. She was an  active member and trainer for the Jubilee Working Group, another anti-racism group of the UUA.