This form is used to request that UUFR’s resources be shared with another non-profit organization. Once completed, it should be sent to the Justice Council for consideration. First preference will be given to organizations whose work aligns with our current areas of focus. The Justice Council meets the first Thursday of each month, so please ensure that there’s sufficient time before your proposed event.

Our goal is to coordinate collection activities. We recognize your ministry team has an important reason for the collection. However, when multiple, competing collections occur at the same time, your event may not receive the attention and donations you seek. By coordinating through the Justice Council, we hope each collection receives the congregation’s attention and collections it is seeking.

There are two request forms. Choose one here:

Please know that we are not able to…

  • support any political candidate or partisan body,
  • support organizations at the request of an individual member,
  • run multiple drives at once, which leads to confusion and disorder, or
  • solicit funds for another organization, for example at a table outside the sanctuary. (For the sake of bookkeeping, money is only handled through a Justice Sunday collection.)

Thank you for helping the UUFR community to be intentional, caring, and mission-centered in our giving.