How much should you give? That’s up to you!

We simply ask members and friends to give as generously as they can based on their financial circumstances and commitment to UUFR.

Once you’ve decided how much you want to give, please complete our on-line financial commitment form.

“Fair Share” Giving

The Unitarian Universalist Association’s suggested “fair share” giving guidelines are a tool you can use to decide how much to give based on your family’s adjusted gross (pre-tax) income and the level of your family’s commitment to and involvement in the liberal religious community we love and share.

Fair Share

“Adjusted income” is the family’s gross (pre-tax) income from all sources (wages, salary, Social Security, retirement, government benefits, dividends, interest, etc.) minus major medical expenses, child care expenses, and educational expenses (including student loans).

Everyone Can Give Something!

A financially healthy congregation needs the financial support of all its members and friends. Some can give more. Others can give less. But everyone can make a contribution.

This chart shows a healthy distribution of member commitments for a large congregation like UUFR.

Where to you fit in?

Contribution Amount Number of Contributions Amount Contributed 
$250/yr. 10 $2,500
$500/yr. 20 $10,000
$700/yr. 30 $21,000
$1,000/yr. 40 $40,000
$1,300/yr. 75 $97,500
$1,700/yr. 40 $68,000
$2,500/yr. 30 $75,000
$3,000/yr. 20 $60,000
$4,000/yr. 20 $80,000
$5,000/yr. 10 $50,000
$8,000/yr. 3 $24,000
$11,000/yr. 2 $22,000
Total 300 $550,000

Where Does the Money Come From and Where Does It Go?

Paying the mortgage, utilities, salaries, and other expenses the Fellowship costs about $625,000 per year ($12,000 per week).

Fellowship members and friends contribute about $500,000 each year (about 85% of the Fellowship’s annual operating costs) to support the Fellowship’s mission, ministries, and programs.

On average, Fellowship members give about $1,800 per year to support the Fellowship and half of the Fellowship’s contributing members give more than $1,200 per year. Some members give $20 or $30 per month. Some give $100 or $200 per month. Others give $500 or $1,000 per month. But all contributions to the Fellowship are welcomed and appreciated–no matter how large or how small.