Facility Use & Scheduling

All events and activities at UUFR must be scheduled through the Fellowship’s Congregational Administrator (919-781-7635 or [email protected]).

All individuals and groups that use the Fellowship’s facility are responsible for ensuring that

  • the space they use has been returned to its “default” set up,
  • dishes are washed, dried, and put away,
  • trash containing food waste is taken out,
  • thermostats are returned to their “default” settings (Heat 70 F and AC 76 F),
  • all lights are turned off, and
  • (if the Fellowship office is not open) that all doors are securely shut and locked.


If you need access to one of the buildings for an event or activity at a time that the buildings are normally locked, please call or email the Fellowship’s Congregational Administrator (919-781-7635 or [email protected]) well in advance of the event or activity to obtain a building key. If you are given a key, you must return it to the Fellowship office no later than the close of the following business day. 

If you haven’t been able to get a key and really, really need to get into the building when it is locked, contact the Congregational Administrator (or another staff member if the Congregational Administrator is not available) to get the combination for the key lock boxes located on the wall to the right of the doors to the lower Fellowship Hall or the front door of upper Peace Hall. Do not share the combination to the key lock box with others. You must return the keys to the key lock box and “scramble” the combination when you lock the building.

Some rooms within the buildings (including the sound closet, the IT closet, sexton’s closets, supply closets, mechanical rooms, and the kitchen pantry) are kept locked. If you need a key to access these areas, please contact the Congregational Administrator (919-781-7635 or [email protected]).


Free wi-fi is available to individuals and groups using the Fellowship’s facility (password = 1911B2A7ED). Please note that we cannot guarantee a working connection, nor can we provide technical support for any connection issues.


Smoking is not allowed inside the Fellowship’s buildings, in the Memorial Garden, or within 25 feet of the Fellowship buildings or Memorial Garden.


All individuals and groups using the Fellowship’s facility are required to comply with the Fellowship’s alcohol use policy.

Appropriate alcohol use during Fellowship functions on Fellowship property is limited to beer and wine. Any alcohol at Fellowship sponsored events must be served by, served to, and consumed by adults of legal drinking age only and must be stored or maintained in such a way that it is not available to minors.

Alcohol may not be sold at UUFR without an ABC permit.

When alcohol is consumed at Fellowship events, the event sponsors may set and enforce alcohol consumption limits and must ensure a safe and welcoming environment for those who choose not to drink.

First Aid & Automated Electronic Defibrillator

First aid kits are located in the Fellowship office, the Fellowship Hall kitchen, and other locations.

An AED (automatic electronic defibrillator) device is located at the bottom of the stairs near the elevator on the lower floor of Fellowship Hall near the Nursery and Conference Room. Only trained medical professionals and other certified First Aid and CPR individuals are advised to use the AED equipment.

Lost & Found

Items that have been found after having been lost or left at the Fellowship should be placed in the cabinet located outside the Felllowship office. Please use a sticker and pen to note the date the item was found. Items that have been lost or left at UUFR may be given or thrown away if not claimed within two weeks.

Building Use Policies

Building use policies are posted on the Fellowship’s Google Drive.