Board Meetings and Minutes

The Board generally meets on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 6:30 pm. Additional meetings may be listed on the calendar. Times may change, so please check the calendar before making any plans.

The agenda for the next Board meeting is uploaded to the Board Minutes folder of the Fellowship Members Google Drive at least two days before the meeting. Minutes of Board meetings are posted to this folder following the meeting.

Policy Governance at UUFRhotchkiss-governance-and-ministry

The Fellowship’s Board of Directors has adopted a model of policy governance and ministry that is based on the model suggested by Dan Hotchkiss in Governance and Ministry.

The Board fulfills its responsibilities for governance by engaging in strategic and future-oriented leadership, focusing on outcomes and goals rather than administrative or operational details, maintaining clear distinctions between the roles of the Board and the Lead Minister, and adopting broad governance policies that:

  • articulate the Fellowship’s mission, vision, priorities, and goals;
  • delegate general operational and administrative authority and responsibility to the Fellowship’s Lead Minister with appropriate supervision, monitoring, and evaluation by the Board;
  • establish broad limitations on the Lead Minister’s authority to ensure that the Fellowship operates within appropriate ethical and business norms; and
  • specify the process through which the Board will undertake, monitor, and evaluate its governance responsibilities.

Additional Information About Governance at UUFR

More information about policy governance at UUFR, the governance and congregational policies adopted by the Board, the Fellowship’s by-laws, long-range plans, reports, congregational surveys, minutes of congregational business meetings, the Fellowship’s budget, Board committees, etc. is posted on the Fellowship Members Google Drive.