The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Raleigh will resume in-person worship services on Sunday, June 13, at 10:30 a.m. Please note the new time!

The following reopening plan was developed by Rev. James in consultation with many others and approved by the board on May 25. This plan attempts to balance guidelines from the CDC with the comfort level of UUFR members.

  1. We will continue to livestream our worship services on YouTube and have an online Social Hour on Zoom for anyone who does not yet feel safe returning to in-person activities.
  2. We will broadcast our worship services using a low-powered FM receiver so that anyone may listen to the service on a car radio or any radio while sitting outside at UUFR. Anyone is free to bring a lawn chair to sit anywhere on our grounds.
  3. About half of the sanctuary will be set up as normal. About half of the sanctuary will be set up for social distancing with chairs set six feet apart. There will be both single chairs and sets of two chairs set six feet apart.
  4. We will keep open all the sanctuary doors as well as the front doors of the building to increase airflow.
  5. It will not be necessary to sign up to attend the in-person worship service. 
  6. For now, we are strongly recommending only people who are fully vaccinated attend the worship service. However, we will not be asking for proof of vaccination, so we cannot guarantee that everyone in the sanctuary will be fully vaccinated. Individuals are asked to use their best judgment whether it is safe for them to attend worship services in person.
  7. Everyone will be asked to wear masks while inside the sanctuary or anywhere else in the main building. Speakers or soloists who are fully vaccinated may remove their masks while speaking or singing. While the latest CDC recommendations suggest it may be safe for fully vaccinated people to be unmasked for a worship service, many UUFR members and friends are still anxious about being in an indoor space for a long period of time with unmasked people. 
  8. For now, we will not engage in congregational singing or have the choir sing live. While the latest CDC recommendations suggest it may be safe for fully vaccinated people to sing together, many UUFR members are still anxious about congregational singing. Those who wish may hum along to hymns.
  9. Everyone will be reminded to ask permission before shaking hands or hugging.
  10. We will have Social Hour outside.
  11. We will not be providing childcare or separate activities for children or youth yet. We are planning some special intergenerational events for families with children and youth. We are still in discernment about when we will resume indoor activities for children and youth.
  12. This plan may be revised at any time because of any of several reasons, including factors such as the emergence of more dangerous virus variants, changes in comfort levels among UUFR members, or increases or decreases in the prevalence of the virus in the wider community. It will certainly be reviewed by the board before September.
  13. If you have questions, comments, suggestions, or criticisms about this plan, please contact either Rev. James at [email protected] or members of the board at [email protected] .