Paul Groves

Nancy and I started attending a UU church regularly in the Cleveland area after the birth of our first child. Exposing our children to a religious environment has always been important to us. Now we are bringing our granddaughter here to UUFR.

When we first started attending a UU church regularly back in 1981, religious education was our top priority. Because of this, Nancy and I both served as RE teachers for a number of years in several different age groups.

Once our children got older, I started to actively be involved in church leadership in a succession of positions and roles at my three previous UU churches. Here at UUFR, I have now begun to get involved in church activities by joining the Denominational Affairs and Interfaith Council and by serving as a member of the Stewardship Committee. In addition, I will be chairperson for next year’s Generosity campaign.

Attending UUFR provides Nancy and me with a wonderful church community that enhances and enriches our lives. We have found like-minded souls who are committed to their “search for truth” and who willingly celebrate LIFE with all its twists and turns.

Who we are and who we hope to become have been welcomed, affirmed, and encouraged here at UUFR.